Hay Steamer Kit for 2 Horses


from £99 + payments (UK only)

This is a ready-to-go Hay Steamer Kit for TWO horses (or one really big greedy one). It will steam 2 large hay nets or 4 small ones. Can be loaded with loose hay.

You can get this steamer for £75 now and then spread your remaining payments over up to 12 months! (GBP only). Choose Partial.ly at Checkout.

The UK/EU Hay Steamer Kit for Two Horses contains:

  • 2 x Steamer Bins in your choice of colour
  • Stainless Steel Steam Elements fitted and ready to steam (some assembly required for non-UK/EU deliveries)
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Hay Grilles
  • 1 x Quick-Release Steel-reinforced Steam Hose
  • 1 x Double-adapter Steam Hose
  • Starting Bottle of De-scaler
  • Outdoor 3000W High-capacity Timer Switch
  • High-capacity 2300W 220/240V Boiler 5 Litre – 4.5 Litre /80 minute steam capacity (1500W 120 min for 110V regions)
  • 1.5-2m ‘Hot’ Power cord for UK, US or European sockets

Note – to always steam to 90-100C+ in cold climates, we recommend putting a horse-rug over the entire kit. That will dry our your rug and will allow the kit to reach 90-105C in cold temperatures. It will not harm your rug.

Hay Steamer Kits are light and large, so they can be expensive to ship around the world.

We only charge for direct shipping costs and quality packaging - we want your Hay Steamer to arrive in one piece, ready to start steaming!

Our international flat-rate shipping rates are shown below. If you prefer, you can arrange for your own courier to pick-up from our address.

Days TransitSingle Steamer KitDouble Steamer KitExtras - Small Parcel*Extras - Medium Parcel*
UK incl Highlands & Offshore Isles1£20£36£4£3
Guernsey & Jersey1£56£79£19£40
Europe ** Due to Brexit we are having to use other couriers, so costs are higher2£60£80£18£16
Canada, Australia & New Zealand4£170£210£37£116

*  Any extra items you order may be packed inside your steamers, in this case we'll refund any extra shipping charges. Contact us to make sure.

Choose your favourite colour(s) and options


Steam Boilers (Steam Generators) Options

These low-cost boilers are readily available in the UK but not so easy to find elsewhere. We include one in the kit as standard for all 240V regions, along with a power cable for UK, EU or US sockets. For 110V regions (North America) you will need to buy one separately – we will provide you with links,

Rapid Drain options

To quickly drain away water from soaking or cleaning, add a drain plug or lockable drain tap with hose fittings

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