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Build your Hay Steamer your way. We’ve assembled a kit of the hard-to-find and hard-to-make parts that you can fit in your own Bins & Boxes – whatever. Connect to your own Steamer or select one from our list in our Steamers section.

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  • Dual Steamer Adapter Hose


    A wire-reinforced high-temperature hose with quick-release fittings for 2 Steamer Bins. A tee with a male connection takes a Single Steamer Hose to connect to a Steam Generator.

    Why not use a Wallpaper Steamer Hose?

    • At 3m they are a trip hazard to you and others on the Yard
    • Plastic construction is tough, but not enough for Yard use around horses.
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  • European Outdoor Timer Switch

    • For outdoor use. Splash proof, IP 44.
    • Timer with 24 hours mode.
    • With a transparent protective cover.
    • 96 on/off switching times per day.
    • Minimum switch spacing: 15 minutes.
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  • Single Steamer Hose


    A high-pressure and high-temperature wire-reinforced hose with quick-release fittings both ends. Comes with an adapter for 1/4 or 3/8-inch Steamer outlets, so let us know what Steamer you use.

    We make it long enough to be able to move your  Steamer Bin around, but not so long to be a trip hazard. The wire reinforcing will take any impact – they are very hard to cut.

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