Hay Steamer Temperature Test

In this video, we steamed a 1/2 bale hay-net filled with dry hay. The time-lapse video speeds us through the slow bits as the steamer reaches the target temperature range of 90-100 degrees Celsius.

Along the way, I discuss what we learned about steaming hay after 6-months of development and testing, which may be useful if you're exploring the options.

All questions and comments welcome!

Why is temperature important? Check out our page on Why Steam Hay to see how high we need to go to produce clean, edible hay!

Filling and running your Hay Steamer

This 7-minute video shows how to fill your Steam-generator and load the Hay Steamers along with some safety advice.

After an 80-minute steam, we look at the results, including temperature tests, and take out our freshly steamed Hay.

A Quick Hay Steamer Assembly Video

This is a quick 2-minute video showing the essentials to get started with a Breatheasy Hay Steamer.

We have translated the English version into Dutch using the Google-translate 2-pass system, apologies for any errors.


How do I assemble my new Hay Steamer?

We've recorded a set of walk-throughs on set-up, operation and testing of the Breatheasy Hay Steamer. Here is the assembly walk-through for a double unit, but you'll be able to get the idea and set up a single (we hope) using this video.

We've shot it in in a vertical smart-phone mode so it's easier to hold and view away from your PC.

Here's what's in this video (10 minutes):

  1. What is in the box?
  2. How to separate 2 units using the handles
  3. Putting the hoses together
  4. Assembling the Steam Unit
  5. Adding the Hay Grilles
  6. Ready to steam!

We'll be adding subtitles and translations asap, so we hope you find this helpful.


More in the series:

  • Quick 2-minute Hay Steamer Assembly (English) (Nederlands)
  • Hay Steamer Assembly
  • Filling your Steamer Unit
  • Loading and Steaming
  • Temperature testing

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